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Quad bike rent & tours Skypark Sochi
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Our place
For your comfort we have
Wi-Fi, lounge-zone, drinks and shower
All included
Everything you need for safe and comfortable ride
Medical ensurance
According to the law we give you medical ensurance
We have all-terrain equipment: helmets, gloves, boots, overalls in a variety of sizes and colors
Pro 4x4 riders will teach you to maintain the quad bike and then show the routes as local guides
Ivan Rybnikov
It's a very good opportunity to have a ride through the mountauns, enjoy the great views and have a rest by the countryside! We rode the ATVs the whole family
Nataly Loshchinina
Well, that was a real blast! A few hours riding an electro bike by the mountain road – it's unbelievable but possible! Very nice route, canyons, boxwood grove, halts and sports mood. Our friends with children were followed us riding quad bikes. It's a real must – to try and to come back!
Nataly Vergazova
A lot of emotions, wonderful mountains, sincere guys and a smile from ear to ear – for all the 3 hours of riding long! It's cool that you can choose the vehicle you like, and ride all the day long in your big group of friends, even if you have children!
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